Purpose of Grant

The Litter Task Force Grant is a competitive grant that provides funding of up to $20,000 to pay for a part-time litter control officer, dedicated to enforcing state and local litter laws. This grant is a pilot program coordinated by PalmettoPride for the sole purpose of providing assistance to county governments to help enforce state and local litter laws. Grant recipients will have the option to receive funds for two years provided they fulfill the obligations of the grant. 

The grant funds will be dispersed bi-annually dependent upon activities and success of the officer in enforcing state and local litter laws. Recipients will initially receive a check for $10,000.  This reflects the first installment of a $20,000 total grant award.  The remaining $10,000 will be remitted in six months based upon review of your grant reports. Grant recipients can receive funds for two-years if requirements of the grant are met and a reduction of litter is measurable. 

PalmettoPride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to reducing litter and encouraging beautification efforts in South Carolina. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on four essential areas — enforcement; education; awareness; and pickup. 

Eligible Applicants

The grant is open to county governments and Sheriff’s Departments, depending on where the officer will be housed. Priority will be given to counties that do not currently have any enforcement officers dedicated to litter control. 

Prior grant recipients who are not in compliance with other PalmettoPride grant requirements will be deemed ineligible to receive funds. 

Application Submission Process

A governing body, such as County Council or Sheriff’s Department, may administer grant funding. PalmettoPride reserves the right to reject all proposals and not award any grant funds under this solicitation. Failure to follow the directions outlined in the application guidelines will result in the application not being considered for funding.

Grant Period

The Litter Task Force Grant is awarded for an initial one year term with possibility of a second year, depending on compliance with grant requirements. 

Use of Grant Funds 

The purpose of this grant is to reduce litter in your county by increasing litter tickets and fines collected and/or community service issued. 

Grant Reports and Requirements

 The organization will provide to the following reports:

  1. Monthly Status Update due the 1st Friday of every month
  2. Litter Index Survey & Mid-Year Progress report due within 6 months of receiving the grant award
  3. Final Summary and Expenditures due within 12 months of receiving the grant award

    Questions regarding the PalmettoPride Litter Task Force Grant should be directed to:
    Sherryl Jenkins, Grants Coordinator
    (877) 725-7733 or sjenkins@palmettopride.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.