Purpose of Grant

The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grant is a competitive grant that provides organizations with funds to develop successful anti-litter programs and enforcement activities at the local level, with the ultimate goal of changing littering behavior. This grant will only pay for projects that help with cleanup, litter enforcement and litter awareness at public boat landings along the Edisto River. The grant will not pay recurring expenses.

This grant is made possible by joint partnerships between PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Walther Farms, Keep America Beautiful, and PhillipMorrisUSA. 

PalmettoPride is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to reducing litter and encouraging beautification efforts in South Carolina. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on four essential areas — enforcement, education, awareness, and pickup. The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grant program is an integral part of PalmettoPride’s and its partners’ grassroots initiative.

Eligible Applicants

All litter control organizations, government organizations, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for these funds which are specifically for public boat landings located within the Edisto River Basin in South Carolina. Priority will be given to groups who partner with volunteer organizations committed to changing behavior related to littering. Special consideration will be given to applications installing cigarette ash receptacles in addition to monofilament bins. 

Grant Period

The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grants will be available online at www.palmettopride.org beginning August 15, 2018. This grant has a rolling deadline, with reports due quarterly. The adoption period spans over two-years, and supplies can be replenished as long as the adopting group continues to follow the stipulations of the grant agreement.

Use of Grant Funds

Some eligible grant activities may include any combination of the following:

· Kayaks with safety supplies and materials

· Trash Cans (Maintenance Plan Required)

· Other items as approved to help with the cleanup and litter enforcement of public boat landings along the Edisto River

PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Keep America Beautiful and/or PhillipMorrisUSA Will Supply the Following:

· General Cleanup Supplies

· Cigarette Ash Receptacles (Maintenance Plan Required)

· Monofilament Bins (Maintenance Plan Required)*

· Signage for the Adopted Public Boat Landings

*Required to include in grant project narrative. If not included in grant application, it will be deemed that the Applicant will not include the activity, therefore making the grant application ineligible.

If awarded, the grantee agrees to the following stipulations:

· To host the required quarterly cleanups of the boat landings and submit reports to PalmettoPride at least once per quarter, and/or after each cleanup, with before and after photos.

· To install at least one monofilament bin at the landing location, and abide by the two-year adoption agreement.

· To submit a press release to any and all local media sources (organization website, newspapers, e-newsletters, television, social media, etc.)

· To use the following hash tags, in any variation, when posting on social media: #LitterTrashesEveryone, #KeepSCBeautiful, #KeepAmericaBeautiful, #WaltherFarms, #AdoptALanding, #EdistoRiver, #EdistoRiverAAL

· To post, if applicable, on social media throughout the grant cycle, mentioning/tagging PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Walther Farms, and Keep America Beautiful. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.