Purpose of Grant
The Keep South Carolina Beautiful Affiliate Grant provides up to $10,000 to certified South Carolina Keep America Beautiful affiliates for the purpose of creating and maintaining successful litter reduction and beautification programs. This grant will only be awarded to groups who have successfully completed the new Keep America Beautiful affiliate certification process.

Eligible Applicants
Certified Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliate groups in good standing are eligible to apply for these funds.

Application Submission Process
A governing body, such as County, City or Town Council, may administer grant funding. PalmettoPride reserves the right to reject all proposals and not award any grant funds under this solicitation. Failure to follow the directions outlined in the application guidelines will result in the application not being considered for funding.

Grant Period
The Keep South Carolina Beautiful Support Grants are awarded for one year. 

Use of Grant Funds

  • Promotional Materials ($2,000 max) - i.e. printing of t-shirts, banners and stickers.
  • KAB Network fees 
  • Board Insurance Policies
  • Litter pickup supplies
  • Mission related program and event needs
  • KSCB and/or KAB conferences/travel ($1,500 max)
  • Administrative fees, including hourly wages/stipends or any indirect costs – up to 20%.
  • Any additional needs or for special financial requests, please contact Sarah Lyles at slyles@palmettopride.org.


In-Kind Donations

  • Litter cleanup supplies (gloves, vests, grabbers)
  • Cigarette Prevention Program Bins/Receptacles
  • Tarps
  • Trash Bags (PalmettoPride green bags)

Grant Reports and Requirements
In compliance with this grant, each grantee agrees to:

  • Initiate and complete all work outlined in the project description within the applicable time frame.
  • The organization will submit the following online reports:

             1. Mid-Year Status report is due August 1.

             2. Final Summary and Expenditures report is due December 15

If you fail to comply with these guidelines or to fulfill your proposed grant obligations, PalmettoPride reserves the right to request items and/or financial reimbursement of the amount granted. Failure to submit required reports shall disqualify the recipient for any future grants.

Any questions regarding the PalmettoPride Litter Prevention Grant should be directed to:

    Sherryl Jenkins, Grants Coordinator
   (877) 725-7733 or sjenkins@palmettopride.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.