South Carolina Litter Control Association is an organization dedicated to the cause of litter reduction in the state of South Carolina through education and enforcement efforts.

Our mission is to support and actively promote membership to all professionals engaged in litter control work and to anyone interested in the cause of litter control and to be the voice for strict enforcement of all litter laws.

Did you know for every additional cigarette receptacle, the littering rate for cigarette butts decreases 9%?  When asked, a majority of smokers said they would properly dispose of their butts if suitable receptacles were available. Keep South Carolina Beautiful requests your help in finding locations to place FREE cigarette litter bins to provide opportunities for adult smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts properly.


  • Install the cigarette litter bin(s) in an accessible place (e.g., outside entrance to retail location, or transition point where adult smokers commonly dispose of cigarette butts). Hardware is included to mount each receptacle.
  • Maintain litter stand(s) (e.g., regularly empty cigarette butts into garbage).

All grantees must participate in either the litter reduction related Great American Cleanup of SC (March – May) or the litter enforcement related Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign (April). 

Report deadlines:

  1. Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign totals are due no later than May 15.
  2. Great American Cleanup totals are due no later than June 15.

Please follow instructions to help us ensure we have up to date information for the Adopt-A-Highway program. 

WHEN:   March 5, 2020


                8400 Costa Verde Drive

                Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

TIME:       8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

COST:     $100.00


  • One 3' x 6'’ table and one chair
  • Half page ad in program guide
  • Mailing list of attendees (in excel format)

Exhibit Registration deadline is February 5, 2020. No refunds will be made after February 5, 2020.  

Exhibitors Program Listing:

Along with your application, please e-mail your 50-word company description and your program guide ad (300 dpi or higher) to by February 15, 2020.

Pre-registration List:

A pre-registration list is available to all companies participating. The registration list will be emailed two weeks before the conference. Registration mailing lists will be sent in Microsoft Excel format. 

Property Responsibility/Insurance:

You are responsible for insuring the safety of your personnel and your exhibit materials from theft, damage, accident, fire and other such causes. Exhibitors who desire to carry insurance must do so at their own expense. All property of the exhibitors is understood to remain in their own care, custody and control in transit to and from the confines of the exhibit area, as well as while it is on the floor. Security and storage space will not be provided. The SC Litter Control Association and their agents are not responsible for losses incurred, theft or damage to materials.


Fill out the information below within one week after your pickup in order to receive credit for your efforts. Your participation cannot be credited until this information is received. 

Purpose of Grant

The Litter Task Force Grant is a competitive grant that provides funding of up to $20,000 to pay for a part-time litter control officer, dedicated to enforcing state and local litter laws. This grant is a pilot program coordinated by PalmettoPride for the sole purpose of providing assistance to local governments to help enforce state and local litter laws. Grant recipients will have the option to receive funds for two years provided they fulfill the obligations of the grant. 

The grant funds will be dispersed bi-annually dependent upon activities and success of the officer in enforcing state and local litter laws. Grant recipients can receive funds for two-years if requirements of the grant are met and a reduction of litter is measurable.

PalmettoPride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to reducing litter and encouraging beautification efforts in South Carolina. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on four essential areas — enforcement; education; awareness; and pickup. 

Eligible Applicants

The grant is open to county governments and Sheriff’s Departments, depending on where the officer will be housed. Priority will be given to counties that do not currently have any enforcement officers dedicated to litter control. 

Prior grant recipients who are not in compliance with other PalmettoPride grant requirements will be deemed ineligible to receive funds. 

Application Submission Process

A governing body, such as County Council or Sheriff’s Department, may administer grant funding. PalmettoPride reserves the right to reject all proposals and not award any grant funds under this solicitation. Failure to follow the directions outlined in the application guidelines will result in the application not being considered for funding.

Grant Period

The Litter Task Force Grant is awarded for an initial one year term with possibility of a second year, depending on compliance with grant requirements. 

Use of Grant Funds 

Funds will be used to cover overtime pay for a class one officer up to $25 an hour or up to $20,000 for a part-time code enforcement officer whose sole responsibility will be litter control. Funds will be provided quarterly. PalmettoPride will require monthly status reports, on all grant-related activities, quarterly ticketing reports and a final summary and expenditures report. The purpose of this grant is to reduce litter in your county by increasing litter tickets and fines collected and/or community service issued.

Questions regarding the PalmettoPride Litter Task Force Grant should be directed to:
Sherryl Jenkins, Grants Coordinator
(877) 725-7733 or

In compliance with this grant, each grantee agrees to:

  1. Mandatory participation in the Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign during the month of April.
  2. Submit a Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign report and three (3) interim reports. 
  3. Submit a final summary report on the progress made with the new equipment. 
  4. Submit a completed expenditure report with receipt copies for items purchased.

Deadline for these reports are as follows: 


May 5                1st Interim Report (Jan – Apr) 

June 1                Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign 

September 5     2nd Interim Report (May – Aug) 

December 31    3rd Interim Report (Sept – Dec 15th)  

December 31    Final Summary & Expenditure Report

Win or lose, the home team is always left to pick up the pieces after high school sporting events. Used cups, dirty napkins, and greasy food containers litter the stands and concession area — litter that someone has to clean up. The key to achieving PalmettoPride’s goal of a litter-free South Carolina is to prevent people from littering in the first place. South Carolina schools have committed to this goal through educational efforts teaching students about the impact of litter on our environment, economy and safety. 

PalmettoPride's Litter-Free Games takes those lessons from the classroom to the ball field. This is a great opportunity for school clubs to participate in community service projects while earning earn cash for their club or organization. Litter-Free Games will cut down on the time it takes custodial staff and groundskeepers to clean up after fans have left. It creates an inviting environment for friends, families and visitors to your school sporting events. 

Participation will cost you nothing, and you’ll get respect and good publicity from everyone in your community. PalmettoPride will provide all the supplies you will need. You provide student leadership and enthusiasm. 

How to Host Your Own Litter-Free Game at Your Clubs/Organizations 

1. Choose one home game to designate as Litter-Free. Get permission from your school to host a litter-free game. Fill out this application and send it to PalmettoPride. 

2. Publicize the Litter-Free game around the school, in your newsletters, on your school’s website and social media. Use hashtag #LitterFreeGames. 

3. Post signs around your school and at the entrances to your stadium or football field. 

4. Determine which volunteers with a larger trash bag should walk down the aisle during the event. Remind people to throw their trash away at the end of the game.  

5. Make sure that trash cans are readily available, visible and not overflowing. 

6. Secure support from the announcer to announce throughout the game that this is a Litter-Free event. Ask them to challenge the crowd to keep it litter-free. Have the announcer say, “This is a litter-free event. Please help us keep it clean.” 

7. Thank everyone for participating in your litter-free event! 

* *A teacher or school representative must complete the affidavit confirming that the club or group fulfilled their obligations to this project in order to receive the challenge award. 

Helpful Hints • Have your school mascot compete in a trash toss competition before the game. • Have the cheerleaders make up a special anti-litter cheer. • Introduce the custodial staff and announce that because of the litter-free event, they have been given the night off. • Have your game sponsors give out raffle items at the game to support the litter-free event. 

Purpose of Grant

The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grant is a competitive grant that provides organizations with funds to develop successful anti-litter programs and enforcement activities at the local level, with the ultimate goal of changing littering behavior. This grant will only pay for projects that help with cleanup, litter enforcement and litter awareness at public boat landings along the Edisto River. The grant will not pay recurring expenses.

This grant is made possible by joint partnerships between PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Walther Farms, Keep America Beautiful, and PhillipMorrisUSA. 

PalmettoPride is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization committed to reducing litter and encouraging beautification efforts in South Carolina. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on four essential areas — enforcement, education, awareness, and pickup. The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grant program is an integral part of PalmettoPride’s and its partners’ grassroots initiative.

Eligible Applicants

All litter control organizations, government organizations, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for these funds which are specifically for public boat landings located within the Edisto River Basin in South Carolina. Priority will be given to groups who partner with volunteer organizations committed to changing behavior related to littering. Special consideration will be given to applications installing cigarette ash receptacles in addition to monofilament bins. 

Grant Period

The Edisto River Adopt-A-Landing Grants will be available online at beginning August 15, 2018. This grant has a rolling deadline, with reports due quarterly. The adoption period spans over two-years, and supplies can be replenished as long as the adopting group continues to follow the stipulations of the grant agreement.

Use of Grant Funds

Some eligible grant activities may include any combination of the following:

· Kayaks with safety supplies and materials

· Trash Cans (Maintenance Plan Required)

· Other items as approved to help with the cleanup and litter enforcement of public boat landings along the Edisto River

PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Keep America Beautiful and/or PhillipMorrisUSA Will Supply the Following:

· General Cleanup Supplies

· Cigarette Ash Receptacles (Maintenance Plan Required)

· Monofilament Bins (Maintenance Plan Required)*

· Signage for the Adopted Public Boat Landings

*Required to include in grant project narrative. If not included in grant application, it will be deemed that the Applicant will not include the activity, therefore making the grant application ineligible.

If awarded, the grantee agrees to the following stipulations:

· To host the required quarterly cleanups of the boat landings and submit reports to PalmettoPride at least once per quarter, and/or after each cleanup, with before and after photos.

· To install at least one monofilament bin at the landing location, and abide by the two-year adoption agreement.

· To submit a press release to any and all local media sources (organization website, newspapers, e-newsletters, television, social media, etc.)

· To use the following hash tags, in any variation, when posting on social media: #LitterTrashesEveryone, #KeepSCBeautiful, #KeepAmericaBeautiful, #WaltherFarms, #AdoptALanding, #EdistoRiver, #EdistoRiverAAL

· To post, if applicable, on social media throughout the grant cycle, mentioning/tagging PalmettoPride, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, Walther Farms, and Keep America Beautiful.